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10 Most Effective Ways To Make Your Boss Like You

10 most Effective Ways to Make Your Boss Like You

10 Most Effective ways tomake your boss like you

If you have a boss or bosses in your place of work, these 10 most effective ways to make you boss like you  is just for you

No1. Respect your Boss

Regardless of your rank in the firm,do not show any sign of pride or ego to your boss ,because they can’t be two captain in a ship. Instead possess empathy, appreciate his work to make him feels that he possesses good leadership qualities.

This will give him the mindset that you respect his Efforts.

No2. Learn to always apologize when you wrong him/her

Always learn to acknowledge your fault and amend them, whenever you do something wrong. Always be the first to say”I’m sorry”with that you will create a good atmosphere and also make your boss believe that you are honest,sincere and committed towards work. Not only that ,u also have an objective approach towards work.

No3. Cooperation and support

Do all u can (ur best)to work together with your boss , because this will strengthen your relationship.

Always see it as a rare privilege to work with your boss in any projects, suggest possible ways to obtain success,above all ,see yourself as a partner with your boss working to achieve a desired goal.

4. Know and tackle your weakness

Work on things you know that are your vincibility, do not let it be your point or reason of /for failure ,The only person that can do justice to you is yourself.with this potential,you will be seen “capable”to take the company important decision which will in turn impress your boss , leaving him with no option but to like you.

No5. Always Update your Boss

Keep your boss at alert on important meetings,ways the firm can expand , customer demands /preference and earn money , with this u might have upper hand to bonuses, promotion.indeed transparency is the key to success.

No6. Memorize dates of his important occasion.

Remember date of his birthday, marriage anniversary, business anniversary etc and do not fail to congratulate him on these days either by text ,calls or present ,that will be the easiest way to make him know that you “care”even if u ask for vacation, it won’t be a problem because you have automatically becomes his favorite.

No7. Know your  Similarities with him/her

10 most effective ways to make your boss like you
10 most effective ways to make your boss like you

Try to know the things you have in common with your boss,is it political, religion, business, educational , social interest?have conversation in those perspectives.This will close the gap between you and your boss and he will adore you in the business more than others.

No8. Be proactive

Do things ahead of time in the firm(forward-looking) take the first move on new project right away even when he’s still thinking how to allocate them to the others,mind you!do not overworked yourself or everything will go the other way around,this will show ur enthusiasm for his work and eradicate the thought of nonchalant attitude towards work.

No9. Know Your boss’ Priority

Know your boss scale of preference, From the highest order to the lowest order,as if you read his mind before he voice out.with this you can easily be closer to your Boss.

No10. Make yourself  indispensable

10 most effective ways to make your boss like you
10 most effective ways to make your boss like you

Know the aims and objectives of the firm,work towards obtaining them in your own unique way.Then you will become Mr “Dependable”to him regarding anything connected to work,phew!you have succeeded in leaving him with no option but to like you.


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