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6 Facts You Must Know About UNIBEN

6 Facts You Must Know About UNIBEN

Here are 6 facts you must know about UNIBEN. If you are either a student or an aspirant you need to know these 6 facts.

6 facts you must know about UNIBEN


Uniben is really stressful. If there is another synonym for uniben then it’s stress. Staylites will understand better. Students call uniben uni-stress. Almost everything you want to do in uniben is stressful.  Uniben stress start from when an aspirant registers for post utme. It continues  when he is given admission and starts clearance. Truth be told, that’s just the beginning of the stress. The kind of stress you will pass through when you start attending classes is enough to frustrate your life. Assignments is another thing. Some assignments can take you days to solve. Lecturers will not carry last in making everything that are originally simple become difficult and frustrating. If you are not yet a student now you understand why it’s called UNI-STRESS.

6 facts you need to know about uniben
6 facts you need to know about uniben

2. Night class 

Night class is all uniben students culture. Who wants to fail?, nobody. More than half of the number of uniben students don’t sleep in their hostels in the night during academic session. The reason being that it is in the night they have time to review what the lecturers had taught them during the day, it is also in the night they have time to do their assignments. If you are an aspirant, this article is not to scare you, it is to make you prepare for the reality you will soon face.

3. Numerous fellowships

Hmm, if there is any school in Nigeria that has the highest number of students fellowships,its uniben. Actually, these fellowships have made good citizens out of the students. Those fellowships are very active. Some do services in the lectures halls like Twin Lecture Theatre 1 and 2, Medical complex Lt1 and Lt2 while some do services at Basement. Some others do theirs on the open field. Many of the fellowships care for their members. If you are aspiring to become a a student in the great citadel, don’t hesitate to join the one that will help your life.

No 4. Confidence.

Uniben students are full of confidence. They have confidence in themselves. They believe that there is no one that can challenge them. It is believed that they gain such confidence as the result of many trainings they have passed through during their academic years.

5. The Most Popular Faculty 

Uniben has about fourteen faculties. The most popular among them is the faculty of social sciences. This faculty has the largest number of girls than any other faculties in the university, unlike faculty of engineering and others where females are very few. This most popular faculty solely bears the name “faculty” as it’s the only faculty in the school.

No 6. Night class preachers.

This set of people preach during the night class. They will walk in to the lecture room where fellow students gather in the night to read and then preach the Gospel of Christ. The funny thing about this people is that they will say they are going to spend just five minutes, eventually they will end up spending thirty minutes or one hour.
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