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How To Deal With Your Period

How To Deal With Your Period

how to deal with your period
how to deal with your period

A lot of people feel disgraced whenever their period meet them unexpected in school or other public places. Taking care of your period in school, or public places is not always fun. It is worse when you see your period and are getting cramps where there is no bathroom or toilet to take care of it. Nevertheless, you will never have to worry whenever you make your plan and the it doesn’t catch you unaware. In this article you will read about how to deal with your period at school and in public places.


Always make sure you are with your pads.

If you are always with your pads in school and other public places your period will not disgrace you because with that, you are ready to face it. It is very important to have your pads with you everywhere you go to avoid the disgustful feeling that arises from that experience. Some people know the time they normally see their period while some others are not always aware and to this set of people, it meets them unaware. Pads, tampons and party-liners are always helpful.

Using menstrual cusps is also very important to dealing with your menstrual circle that may catch you in school or other public places. Menstrual cups are usually inserted into the vagina to admit the bloods that will be discharging from the vagina. Menstrual cups are not supposed to exceed eight hours in use.

Always wear pads before going to school and other public places whenever you think that your period is imminent.  It is also advisable to go to school with an extra underwear or panty when you know realize that your period is at hand.

Never you be ashamed or worried about what people will say when they hear you went to the with pads or tampons, some people feel very much disgrace when they realize that their classmate, especially boy discover that they went to school with such things.

how to deal with your period
how to deal with your period

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Find a place to keep your pad

Some peoples’ problem is that they don’t know where to stash their sanitary pad , some peoples problem is that in  their school, handbags are not allowed and they are now faced with the challenge of where to keep those pads in the time of their menstrual circle. In this case, you are advised to keep it in your pencil case, pocket of your folder or in your boots.   If you think of some “hiding spots” in advance then you won’t be so nervous when that time of the month comes. studying How To Deal With Your Period is very important.

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Prepare your medication ahead of your period .

Many people suffer from menstrual pain like bloating ,cramps and other symptoms that normally follows their period. The best way to alleviate those pains is to prepare ahead of your period. Drugs like Midol , Tylenol, Advil, Midol are can work for you during your period. It is highly advisable to meet your doctor before taking any drug.

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Know the time your period always comes.

It is good if you start tracking your period. It is true that your period may not be regular yet you can still try to study some things about it so that it will not always be catching you is not only that this will keep you from being surprised in school and other public places.


Take note of your menstrual warning signs.

Don’t be always caught unawares. You should familiarize yourself with the warning signs. Before you see your period there are some signs that precede it such as breast tenderness, cramping, bloating, acne and some others and whenever you are having one or two of this signs it means you are on it again. so it is recommended that all ladies read How To Deal With Your Period .


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