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Positive Effects Of Coronavirus On Nigerians

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

Despite the fact that coronavirus has done a lot of harm to people, there are many positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

No 1. High Rate Of Creativity.

It no new thing that Nigerians are creative. Nigeria has highly talented people. This pandemic has brought out many Nigerians’s talents. Many Nigerians have produced hand sanitizers, nose masks, washbasins and other things that are needed for curbing the virus. Some universities have also proved innovative. Bayero University is currently working on fabricating ventilator , and other universities.

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians
Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

No 2. Good hygiene practices

Coronavirus has taught many Nigerians how to practise good hygiene. A lot Nigerians now wash their hands frequently, keep their things tidy. It is funny to say that some iron their nose masks before wearing. People now take care of their children and disallow then from getting themselves stained with all kinds of substances.

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians
Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

4. The Adoption of E-learning in the Education Sector 

It no longer news that many universities in Nigeria have adopted the e-learning method. Afe Babalola University has adopted this for a very long time and it has been going. Other universities like University of Lagos also adopted it for their GST lectures. The National Open University is not exempted. It has embraced the online facilitation programmes. The American University of Nigeria as well as Nile University have adopted it. A host of other universities are planning to adopt the method as soon as possible for them not to be left out with shattered calender.

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

No 4. Rapid Growth into the Digital World 

A lot of Nigeria youths have gone digital during this pandemic period.any Nigerians are now into Machine Learning (ML) , Programming, Software Development, Artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IOT), etc.

Also, some states like Anambra, Enugu , and Lagos and others have adopted the usage of on-air teachings using the radio, television and the internet. Without argument, many states will soon join the move.Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians
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No 5. Family Relationship

In Nigeria, children start school as early as they reach three months. Some even put their children in the kindergarten from two months. Parents did not have time for their families. Some are businessmen and business women. They care more about their business than their families.

This pandemic has brought this set of people closer to their immediate families. They now have time to take care of their children. Though we all understand that they need to work to fetch the families the resources for their necessities, it is important that one has time for his her family.

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians 

No 6. Accountability

Nigerians become more accountable for almost everything they do. In families where everyone spent money as they see it now has changed. Everyone now give spend money judiciously to avoid starving the rest of the family.

People also hold the governments responsible for every step they take. The governments were also able to help the citizens in their basic needs by distributing palliatives to the people.

Positive effects of coronavirus on Nigerians. These good effects are not noticeable because of the numerous bed effects of the pandemic in Nigeria.

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