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Yahoo Boys Formats.

Yahoo boys formats.

Yahoo boys formats.

Who are yahoo boys?

Yahoo boys formats. Yahoo boys are boys who scam people for a living. They scan people of their money basically online. Yahoo boys tell lies to people in order to gain their trust and then make away with their money.

How did yahoo start?

Yahoo boys formats
Yahoo boys formats

Yahoo boys started the internet fraud in the early 2000s in Nigeria. Shortly, Ghanaians joined the move to scam people through the internet. Youths embraced the new found occupation because of high level of unemployment in the country. It is not surprising that some parents do not even question their children where they are getting those money from. By the time those yahoo boys “pick”, they go and buy luxurious cars, new houses, and expensive clothes hence thousands of Nigerian youths join daily.

The targets of Yahoo Boys are mostly unsuspecting foreigners.

Yahoo boys are computer literates, information technology experts. They are always anonymous hence they cannot be tracked.


Formats and methods used by Yahoo Boys.
Below are the basic tools and Methods yahoo boys use when doing yahoo.

No 1. A laptop computer


Yahoo boys formats
Yahoo boys formats

Also all yahoo boys started with their handset. They then switch to using windows laptops and finally progress to use Apple MacBook because of the good security features.

No 2. 24/7 internet connection

Many of yahoo works are online hence the need of a strong internet connection. They use modem and other network providers for their work. It is very rare to see any successfulm yahoo boy that does not use internet connection.

No 3. Virtual Private Network

Yahoo boys use VPNs to change their IP address. They change their IP address to basically hide their true location and identify. They will be chatting from Nigeria and tell you they are in the USA or in the UK.

Yahoo Boys methods of operation

3. They spam social media.

Those people fill the social media with their fake advertisement. Of you are facebook user you must have come across one of their posts. It’s true that many fall into their trap but most Nigerians already know them. When they advertise things they will now be looking for who will reply them and then they will bill the person.


No 2. Dating

Dating scam is what some of them do. They impersonate.They register on social media claiming to be whom they are not. They use other people’s profiles instead of their own. Some of them use women pictures to scam men who are not aware that the profile is impersonated.

Some even claim to be in the United Kingdom or United States military.

Unsuspecting personals will then fall in love with them thinking they are the people they claim to be on the social media. It is after many chats they will begin to tell them lies and be demanding for financial assistance. They promise these unsuspecting personels heaven and earth that by the time they are done with their service, they will come back to them so that they will continue their romantic relationship which they started on the social media.

No3. Fake Websites

They make use of fake site to dupe people. Most of them build investment websites telling people to invest their their money so that they will get some percentage of the money in a short time. Any amount you put in these websites for investment will not be withdrawn again.

No4. Fake real estate business

People pay them for non-existant apartments after they lure them. They do this to foreigners a lot. They will try to convince you to believe them but by the time your money enters their hands you don’t see them again.

No5.  Stealing people’s data


Yahoo boys formats.

This is also called phishing. They still people’s data after they send the person a link and the person clicks the link. They can do many things with someone’s data, example, bank information and so on.

These and many others forms yahoo boys use for their illegal and unapplauded job.

Know how you make your online investment to avoid falling into the hands of these cruel set of people.

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